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Wish I had a Jo bud

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Six English men pitch a tent (a real one), sit together, share a beer and chit chat together. The subject of the conversation drifts to sex (~4:30), and they all end up in an outdoor circle jerk (~5:50) ! (Ejaculations after 12:15, 13:32, 14:00, 14:15, 14:35, 15:31)

I want to go camping with these guys

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Amateur Straight Guys Eat Cum HOT - XTube

I wish I had a friend to show him I can do that same trick. ;)

Brock cum and sensitive head


Jocks Make Their Own Gay Porn Movie - XVIDEOS.COM

I want to meet people like these two



You never know how you’re gonna act when you bust a good load with a buddy. In this case, buddy let loose and his moans prove it. It’s hot, but I still laugh at it from time to time.

yes, it’s hot and funny

That’s the type of guy I would like to be friends with…